Sunday, May 8, 2016


Editor's Note


Right now, I'm working on the blog - I didn't expect to stop blogging, but a few things have happened in my life. Since February, I've been dealing with a mild skin disease. Have you ever heard of Pityriasis Rosea? Yes, it's been three months and its starting to drive me crazy! Honestly, it's not the bumps and bruises that bother me. It's the constant itching. You probably won't understand my pain until you experience an internal itch that you can't scratch. (Yes, it's that serious) My dermatologist said it would go away on its own. So now I'm just patiently playing the waiting game.

Aside from that, I also had a death in my family. Normally, I would prepare for my birthday in April, but April had a lot of unexpected twist and turns. Life, whether gaining or losing someone, is unpredictable. And although death is a sad occasion, I'm happy everyone is in a better place. I'm also happy God has blessed me with another year of life.

During my absence, I missed everything. The blog, networking with different people and being creative.  For me, being creative and exploring different things is the best part about blogging again. I keep thinking about all of the things I want to do. Things that will help me grow and evolve into a better creator. And I'm so happy to be back. I believe this is the year of growth for me.

What are some things you want to do? Have you grown from it?


  1. How is your skin now? Hope you are better? You are doing well.

  2. How is your skin now? Hope you are better? You are doing well.